• Maximum Number of Players to start match per team on Court: 6 (4/2 males and females)

  • Minimum Number of Players to start a match per team on Court: 3 (2/1 with minimum a 1 female)

  • Maximum Number of MALE Players on Court: 4 on the court at all times

  • Minimum Number of FEMALE Players on Court: 1 FEMALE for an actual game. 2+ FEMALES allowed at all times


  • 30 minute matches 

  • No “offsides” rule

  • Goalies are allowed

  • Corner kicks will be done from the corner area

  • Goal kicks will be done from the goal line

  • Flats, cleats, and Indoor shoes for turf allowed

  • Kick-ins only as there are NO throw-in (everything on the ground)

  • All free kicks are indirect except during a penalty kick (see below penalties description)

  • Kick-off after every goal from the CENTER line

  • No sliding, slide tackling or shoulder pushing into the walls

  • Unlimited subbing is allowed. All players can enter and leave as they please as long as it is not interrupting the play of the game

  • The player must be off the court before the other player may enter

  • After a goal play is dead and re-set at center line

  • On free kicks of any kind the opposite team must be 5 yards away

  • If tied after regulation during the regular season it is a TIE however, in playoffs there will be a 3 minutes golden goal and then PKs


• Yellow Card given to a player he/she must sit out TWO minutes and the team is NOT down a player

• Two Yellow Cards player must sit out the FIVE minutes of the game and the team NOT down a player

• If a Red Card the player will NOT be allowed to play the the rest of the game and the team is DOWN one player for the rest of the game

• Penalty Kicks happen 1/3 of the court with a goalie



• Games will have one referee on the sideline



1:00pm - 4:00 pm Group Play (30 minute games)

4:30 pm - 6:00pm Single elimination tournament (playoffs)


• Single elimination tournament with the winning team getting a TBD prize



Each team is asked to wear the same color for their games. Teams are asked to bring a light and dark colored shirt. If they do not bring them pennies will be provided on-site



96' by 48.5'