Each field will be about a quarter of a full sized field




The "Small Goals" will measure 5' x 10' 


Players and Scoring: 


-6 players on the field at all times, including 2 females


-In the case of a color clash, the Away team (listed second on the games schedule) will change or wear pinnies


-There are no goalies, but also no rules against leaving someone back, they just can’t use their hands. This includes penalty kicks


-No goals from the defensive half of the field


-Corner kicks and throw-ins will be played


-No off sides


-Substitutions may happen on the fly, so long as they do not disrupt the play and the team gains no “extra man advantage” during the switch (ref’s discretion)


-No player may switch teams during the tournament unless it is necessary to meet the minimum number of females


-Penalty kicks will be taken from 8 yards out.  Defensive team can put someone in goal, but they can’t use their hands



Teams and Points: 


-3 Points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss


-Teams get 1 point for every goal they score, up to three points, no matter if they win or lose the game.


-The best goal-differential for any game is a +3, the lowest is a -3, even if the final margin is wider than that.


- Each team is guaranteed four games in bracket play


-1st Tiebreaker= head to head (if relevant), 2nd Tiebreaker= Goal differential, 3rd Tiebreaker= Rock Paper Scissors, best of three





-Time will be kept on a central clock.


-First Round- 23 minutes without halftime


-A team who fails to show up within 5 minutes of their assigned game time will forfeit by a score of 3-0.


-Finals: 18 minutes without halftime


-If the finals are tied at the end of regulation there will be a 5 minute golden goal period follow by a penalty shootout (best of 3, one must be a woman, followed by single knockout)



Rules are subject to change.